Manufacturing Plant Green Footprint

Molding Equipment

At KEMAS we take pride in molding with precision machines, benefits include:

  • Increased productivity
  • Reduction in rejected components, which in turn reduces the required energy consumption to fulfill orders.
  • Reduces our secondary process of regrinding any rejected components, which leads to a reduction in manpower

The use of insulated barrels in our molding operation helps to prevent heat loss (10-25% of energy input is associated with barrel heating). We use downstream ancillary equipment to ensure our automated machines, conveyors, etc are not running when the injection machines are stopped.

Therefore, reducing our energy consumption and carbon footprint. The use of high grade hydraulic oil in our injection machines, coupled with a frequent maintenance program helps to improve energy efficiency by reducing friction, improves lubricity (makes the machines work more efficiently) and reduces chance of contaminating the oil which can help prevent pump failures.

Arburg (AES) claims up to a 20% energy savings, (ASH) claims 50% by reducing cooling requirements by using the equipment installed at KEMAS.

Waste Recycling

Water recycling plant installed in our Metal Anodization facility: 100% of the water is recycled, filtered, and reused.

Capture and containment of waste on the spray lines: All waste is collected and recycled during the spray process, the lacquer is separated from the water and collected by a third party. This lacquer can be used as fuel.

Waste: Separation of trash, organic vs non organic which is then composted and later used as fertilizer for our plants around the manufacturing site.


Highly automated equipment is installed throughout the plant in select processes, thus reducing labor requirements, which equates to a reduction in carbon footprint.

It has been estimated that by using the installed automation we are reducing our work force by at least 150 people. This in turn results to lower carbon emissions, due to less workers commuting to and from the plant, it also allows us to keep our plants smaller.

If each employee drives 300 miles per week over 52 weeks they emit 2.20 metric tons of carbon emissions, 2.20 tons x 150 workers = 330 metric tons per year we reduced by using automation. Automation also improves efficiency, thus reduces human error, which in turn reduces our energy usage by reducing scrap.

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Energy Efficiency

New buildings are all energy efficient, thus reducing energy consumption: – LED Lights are installed throughout

Energy efficient AC units installed throughout plant and offices

All computer equipment and electronic devices are Energy Star-Rated

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